#FridayReads: Olive Kitteridge

OliveKittridgeBookCoverDo you ever just want to settle in with a book you KNOW will be good? We get you, sometimes with all of the lists, prizes, recommendations and book club situations it can be a really overwhelming paradox of choice situation. We’ve got your Friday Reads covered with something everyone from the Pulitzer Prize to HBO¬†(they made it a mini-series) agrees is terrific. So, we’ve just taken the stress out of your next good read.

Seriously though, legitimately everyone gave this one book of the year (chances are some of you are thinking duh we’ve already read it) but since our mission is to make women’s lives easier for those of you that just want a solid read or even a solid mini series this is our pick for today because it features an amazing woman and her gutsy emotional strength.

Plus if you need to read things in short bursts it calls itself “a novel in short stories” for those ¬†respite moments say in your commute or between naptime and kids awake and crying.

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