How To Apply Makeup If You Are Having Your Picture Taken

Nothing is scarier! Ahhhhhh!  So you have to get your picture taken. Congratulations are maybe in order? Perhaps you are getting a portrait taken for a professional headshot. Maybe you are having a party. Aren’t you lucky. So first things first,  it helps to know where the pictures are being taken.

Camera on A Wood Bar


Outdoor photography is very forgiving. You can use a light hand with your complexion products and blush. This is all about looking good to the naked eye so blend it in and don’t stress.  This is great for weddings when it’s likely pictures out and about. Just smile and have fun.

Shooting indoors for a portrait, passport photo or god forbid a driver’s license? Strong lighting requires a heavier hand and a lot more definition (that means bold blush, strong eyeliner, and lots of mascara). This is also true for party photos so keep that in mind for night’s out. And remember if you are using sunscreen and being shot at night it can cast a weird white light.

The main culprit of looking too pale in photographs are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in physical sunscreens. The active ingredients prevents UV radiation from penetrating your skin by reflecting sun rays. If you are going out straight from your day consider a chemical sunscreen as more natural looking sunscreen for photography because UV filters absorb light rather than reflect like in chemical blockers.

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