How To Choose Your Stowaway BB Cream & Concealer Shades

Choosing the perfect shade is a daunting task, we know. Let us take the complexity out of your complexion. Use our guide below to help point you in the right direction, of course if you need a little extra confidence boost you’re always welcome to email us for recommendations! PRO TIP: If you find yourself in between seasons, go with the lighter shade. You can always use a bronzer  to add color and dimension back into your face and cheeks but you never want to walk around with a makeup line around your jawline!

Fair: Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not Snow White pale. Especially now that it’s winter, this is the shade both Julie and our real woman model Elizabeth Valleau use. It’s very neutral without excessive yellow or pink so it blends perfectly no matter your undertones.



Light: Again, don’t the let name fool you. Light has neutral to golden undertones so, unless you have a summer tan, try Fair instead since this shade can turn darker than the name applies. Something tells me Natalie Portman would love this.


StowawayMediumBBCreamMedium: Our medium is a beautiful mix of golden undertones without too much yellow. It’s a great balance. Let’s just say, if Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba were best friends, they’d be able to share this shade.


Tan: Our tan is the perfect balance of gold and red undertones. We purposely kept it balanced to match the majority of women who fall into this shade range. It is darker than you anticipate so don’t be afraid to give it a whirl as it fits a variety of women. Besides matching Poorna (pictured) perfectly, this shade would look amazing on Kerry Washington.

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