Quick Makeup Hack To Help Tightline Your Eyes In Tight Spaces

The line between professional and party makeup can seem pretty apparent, but it’s easy to go from office-ready to over-application with just a slip of the hand. Fortunately, we’re here to make that line even thinner: literally.


Tightlining is a technique beloved by makeup artists everywhere (and websites like The Beauty Department). The trick is all about making your eyeliner as natural as possible; you don’t just swipe on a stripe and hope for the best. Instead, try taking a sharply pointed eyeliner (we recommend a natural brown shade) and carefully wiggle it in between each individual upper lash, almost like you’re dotting a cursive “i,” working your way from the bottom of your upper lashline.

It might sound tricky, but we promise, with just a slightly steady hand and a couple of extra minutes, you’ll be left with a subtle look that’s just as professional as you are.

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