CEW Beauty Insider Asks What Brands Beauty Insiders Are Excited About

CEWLogoCEW is pretty major in the cosmetics industry. Haven’t heard of them?  CEW stands for Cosmetic Executive Women and it is  global community 8,000 members strong that is defining the future of beauty. We are proud members at Stowaway as they are thepre-eminent beauty organization bringing together a passionate group of professionals together – at every stage of their careers, from every facet of the industry. So when the asked “what brands are exciting beauty insiders” we were extremely flattered to get a shoutout from Self Beauty Director Annie Tomlin.


AnnieTomlinAnnie Tomlin, Self Beauty Director

“When I talk with other women, they’re often overwhelmed by brands that have a lot of SKUs. So for a certain consumer, the idea of a multitasking capsule makeup ‘wardrobe’ is extremely appealing. I’m paying close attention to Stowaway, a ‘right-sized’ color brand that launched last year. Their concept is modern in its simplicity, the formulas are well done and the direct-to-consumer model is compelling—especially the subscription service.

I know the word ‘disruptive’ is thrown around like candy these days, but brands like Stowaway, Glossier and Onomie truly are shaking up the traditional model, and I’m eager to see what they do next.”


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