Stowaway Advent Calendar Day 22 Poorna Jagannathan

Who are you most excited to gift to? 

My new dog, Echo. She’s usually a super mellow dog until she sees something with white fur. Then, she goes crazy. There’s a rabbit doll waiting to be bought out there somewhere.


Who would you gift Stowaway to and why? 

I’d definitely gift Stowaway to one of my best friends- actress Sarita Choudhury. Our handbags are so weighed down by random things: heels we have to pull out for meetings, kids stuff, food, scripts, books … you name it. The other day I cleaned out my bag and found silly putty, expired medication (from 2012), a half-eaten granola bar and some shells…. Of all the people, I know she’d appreciate having lightweight, fresh makeup.

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