Stowaway Advent Calendar Day 14 Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs

Who are you most excited to gift to? 

Amanda: My kids! They’re nine, which means they’re still into imaginative games but also books and clothing. We do an advent calendar for them, so right now I’m gathering up lots of small, cool little gifts for each of the 25 days — which means I’m spending a lot of time at Muji and tracking down Swedish fish and yo-yos and such.

Merrill: My own kids and my nieces and nephews. Four out of the five have suddenly gotten really into cooking, which is fun. I’ve already ordered linen aprons from our Shop for my sister’s three kids, and my 3 1/2-year-old, Clara, is getting a few tools of her own so we can do more cooking projects together. Henry, my nine-month-old, is getting a bib with an avocado (his favorite food) stitched onto it.

14Amanda HesserMerrill Stubbs

Who would you gift Stowaway to and why?

Amanda: My sister, Rhonda, who doesn’t treat herself to cosmetics, but who likes good lipstick and a little rouge for the right moment.

Merrill: My mother. She’s always trying new products in different shades. She’d love being able to play around with one set of colors for a bit, and then test out some more without having to wait months to use up the first batch.

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