Stowaway Advent Calendar Day 7 Claire Mazur & Erica Cerulo

Who are you most excited to gift to this holiday season?


Erica: My husband and I have made it an annual tradition to play, er, Santa through a NYC organization called Stockings with Care that works with social workers to find out the holiday wish lists of kids living in shelters or whose families are in jeopardy of becoming homeless. The gifts — coats, dolls, books, and once a bike! — are then passed along to the parents so they can give them to their kids on Christmas morning. It’s fun to get to shop for little peanuts—a good excuse to experience the madness that is Toys ‘R Us during this time of year, even — and to bring a little love and cheer to someone else’s holiday season.

Claire: My niece, Bianca, is going to experience her first holiday season this year and she is most definitely not prepared for the amount of cute shit her aunt is about to thrust on her.

Who would you gift Stowaway to and why?

Erica: I think that my brother’s girlfriend Kaitlin and Stowaway are very much MFEO. She’s one of those badass people who does Barry’s Bootcamp classes at 5:30 a.m. while I’m sound asleep, and she ran the NYC Marathon in 3:28 — so clearly she is a hustler who is always running around and needs a Stowaway Kit in each of her bags.

Claire: My mom! She’s a scientist who travels more days than not for work — Iowa! LA! India! China! — so a full set of Stowaway would be perfect for her suitcase.

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