Stowaway Advent Calendar Day 4 Lindsey Green

Who are you most excited to gift to this holiday season?

This year I like the idea of gifting small personal things to friends. I’m not the best with holiday cards or gifts on a mass scale, and I’ve determined what will finally make me feel adult is when I get that together. In my 20’s, my girlfriends friends and I had a great tradition we called “The Secret Non-Denominational Snowflake Exchange” where we’d each draw one friend’s name gift each other small, affordable (because we were in our 20’s…), personal presents. We’ve taken a few years off from the tradition but I think it’s time to bring it back!


Who would you gift Stowaway to and why?

Selfishly, I’d like to say me. But I’m also really excited to gift Stowaway to my sister this year. She travels all over the country and the world for work and she has two small kids at home, so she is a very “on-the-go” individual. She always looks great, but like me, she’s pretty no fuss and practical, so Stowaway is going to rock her world. Aaand sorry if I just gave away the surprise, sis!

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