Stowaway Advent Calendar Julie Fredrickson + Chelsa Crowley

At Stowaway we strive to make women’s lives easier, and we love featuring women whom we love and admire. This holiday season, we asked 24 amazing women — all of whom have great taste — to give us their holiday secrets on who they can’t wait to gift to, and who they plan to gift Stowaway to. 😉 Check back every day as our Advent Calendar reveals another woman. First up, our very own founders, Chelsa + Julie.


Who are you most excited to gift to this holiday season?

Julie: I’m excited to gift to my father’s wife Marilyn. The holidays are really important to her. She is a really modern professional woman (with an amazing career in finance) and travels a lot! Stowaway hadn’t launched last year so I couldn’t gift her then, but this year being able to gift her a Stowaway Kit is really meaningful to me.

Chelsa: I’m excited to gift my husband Dennis. His new hobby involves fixing items around the house (shhh, but it’s not going so great) so maybe I’ll try to find good gifts to help him in his Mr. Fix It journey.


Who would you gift Stowaway to and why?

Julie: I’m gifting Marilyn a kit but she also loves a bold lip, so I plan to gift her the trio as well!

Chelsa: I’m gifting my all of my sister-in-laws Stowaway since I know they all use it in their very busy lives. Katie is a school teacher, Jaclyn is an creative director, and Alison is a full-time mom to two children (one of which has type 1 diabetes, so her plate is pretty full managing his sugar levels).

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