A Makeup Hack To Get The Aggressively Natural Look For Any Social Situation

“The natural look.” “No-makeup makeup.” “I woke up like this.” No matter what you’ve heard it called before, you know the look we’re talking about. But while makeup that’s barely there can be super pretty and flattering, what about the women who like to kick it up just half a notch more?


At Stowaway, we like to call that look “aggressively natural.” Simply speaking, this means makeup that enhances the natural beauty that’s already there, but with an extra ounce of oomph.

So instead of reaching for a classic nude lip color and skipping cheek color altogether, consider instead a berry-toned lipstick and a warm blush to bring out that natural flush. And as for the eyes? A swipe of spice eyeliner and some extreme mascara helps your eyes pop without going too overboard.

Oh, and lucky for you, we’ve compiled everything you need into one handy kit.


Claire Mazur, Co-founder, Of a Kind, shows off her Aggressively Natural Stowaway look on her wedding day.

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