Meet Lisa Sugar, Co-Founder of PopSugar

The authority on beauty, fashion, and so much more:

Lisa founded PopSugar in 2006 with her husband, Brian Sugar. What started as an expansion of her celebrity gossip blog hobby is now one of the biggest websites in the US, receiving over 85 million unique visitors per month.


Why did you start PopSugar?

I’ve always had a huge passion for pop culture and consuming media before social media existed. We wanted to create a fun, safe place to be inspired, informed or entertained every day. We felt there was a hole in the marketplace that spoke to women about a variety of interests all in once place. We wanted to create the one place you needed to go to learn important news of the day, fun and entertaining stories, healthy advice and inspiration for everything from must have shopping to new beauty products you have to buy and try!

What was life like before your business?

I used to work in advertising and at TV networks (Fox and Showtime). I had a blast and really loved working with creatives while also learning how to manage budgets. It was fast paced and stressful at times but I learned a lot and met great people along the way.


What does beauty mean to you?

A big smile and happy face is most beautiful to me. I love a warm inviting look — it can be clear skinned and makeup free or the boldest of red lips — as long as someone is genuinely looking happy then I think they look beautiful.

Paper or eBook? 

I’m a real book girl. Hard or paper. I don’t read as often as I’d like, but when I do, I love it!

Biggest makeup faux pas from the past?

Zine pink lipstick from the 80’s. 😉

Full Disclosure: Brian and Lisa Sugar love Stowaway as much as we love them. In fact, they’re investors!

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