The Everygirl Names Us One Of Their Top 8 Travel Accessories

TopTravelMakeupBrandsReviewsWe are women in motion! From work, gym, home and cocktails with our friends everyone at Stowaway is always on the move. So we were super flattered that one of our favorite blogs The Everygirl named us one of their favorite travel accessories. We almost don’t need any of our pot rouge we are blushing so hard.

“There is an endless number of travel “must-haves” out there, and the process of amassing a few good travel essentials is more and more difficult as result. As baggage fees continue to climb and because precious luggage space is always at a premium, it’s imperative you leave the things that will weigh you down at home. Traveling with makeup is always a bit of a challenge. You’ve probably found yourself wondering what you will really need, be it makeup for a special event or dinner and how to avoid packing your entire vanity. Enter:Stowaway Cosmetics. “

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