Meet Jeanne Grey, Blogger at Grey Layers

Jeanne Grey, the blogger, brand owner, and businesswoman behind fashion blog Grey Layers, is the digital authority on all things chic and elegant. Her sophisticated style is the perfect match for Stowaway, and we couldn’t resist asking her some choice questions about her beauty favorites and blogging!
What’s your daily go-to beauty routine?
Brow essentials! We are nothing without good brows.
Favorite beauty “rule” to break?
Using eyeshadows to create bold brows and using eyeshadows to highlight and contour!
You’re stranded on an island (but don’t worry about dry skin from the desert, this island is thankfully climate-controlled) and can only have 5 products with you: what are they?
Sunscreens, my brow kit, highlighters ( because you might as well glow while you’re stranded), waterproof mascara and more sunscreen!
What are your favorite sites and/or magazines for beauty or fashion advice?
I love the little 15 second videos on Instagram mainly on makeup_clips!
What’s your blogging schedule like?
It’s a 24/7 job from meetings to photoshoots, to fittings and emails and appointments—the list goes on nonstop!

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