Bread Winning Mama Says Stowaway Helps Keep Her Organized

Busy mom? Trying to keep track of it all? Bread Winning Mama just GETS it. So when she says Stowaway is a solution that works for her we were beyond flattered.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all of the difference in keeping my working mom sanity intact. Systems and easy solutions help. For example, who has time to remember to take your favorite makeup items back and forth from home to work? My makeup is often strewn about on my bathroom counter (surprisingly my husband doesn’t complain), and I can rarely remember to toss my favorite mascara or lipstick into my work bag for mid-day touchups or to powder up before a big meeting. I also don’t want to bulk, given I’m already lugging my laptop, phone, a few files and lunch back and forth everyday.

So I was delighted to discover a new lineup of compact products perfect for dropping into a tiny makeup bag I can leave either at my desk or in my office bag. The Stowaway line literally fits into the palm of your hand, and given it is the perfect size, you won’t waste away product.



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