This Week in Links: Good Housekeeping and Packaging Nominations

Stowaway had a busy week: from a feature on Good Housekeeping to a chance to win an award for best beauty packaging. See below to hear more!


  • Good Housekeeping is savvy about beauty expiration dates, and loves our helpful infographics – [Good Housekeeping]
  • The Stripe loves that our Stowaway kit only takes up half of her “valuable makeup bag real estate”- [The Stripe]
  • Help Stowaway win an award for Excellence in Beauty Packaging! (Because, you know, that’s pretty much what we do best) – [Beauty Packaging]
  • Our cruelty free products are a big win with Sequins and Stripes – [Sequins and Stripes]
  • You Beauty knows when to toss expired makeup, and takes inspiration from Stowaway – [You Beauty]
  • And finally, we’ve all been this cat at some point – [Imgur]

(featured image via The Stripe)

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