Meet Grace Atwood, Blogger at The Stripe for #WCM

The Stripe is all about light and breezy style with an unexpected (but oh so right) pop of red lipstick, so naturally, we felt that Stowaway was the perfect fit for Grace’s life! Read on to find out more about Grace’s beauty favorites and tips.


What’s your daily go-to beauty routine?

I’m pretty simple. I focus a lot on my skincare. I double cleanse, apply SK-II and then serum and moisturizer. I usually just wear tinted moisturizer, a little bronzer, mascara, and lipstick.

What’s the strangest beauty tip that you swear works?

Putting antibiotic cream on a pimple. It works and I’m not really sure why!

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

Giselle! That HAIR! Also, Blake Lively, for the same reason.

Biggest makeup faux pas you’ve ever made?

I don’t get too adventurous with makeup, but once (in my early twenties) I tried a smoky eye for New Years Eve and put the dark shadow all the way up to my eyebrow. It was awful!

What’s your blogging schedule like?

Chaotic, but fun! I try to post 2x a day. My content is a mix of fashion, beauty, DIY, recipes, and travel, so there is a lot to cover.

(photo via The Stripe)

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