Meet Artist Collaborator, Lauran Rothstein #WCW

Life in the studio:

Before working with Jeff Koons for the past decade, this creative collaborator got her start as an archivist at Gagosian Gallery.


Was there a moment that made you realize that you wanted to be in the art world?

While studying architecture in Fargo, I walked into an art storage room filled with a surprisingly impressive collection including a Warhol Self-Portrait, a James Rosenquist, & other notable works. Students started the art collection in 1969 but it was in desperate need of a proper storage facility. The gallery manager & I worked together that summer inventorying the collection with the help of a conservator. The experience opened my eyes to the various ways in which one can work with art, and hopefully ensure that it can survive for generations.

Paperback or eBook? And what’s the best book you’ve recently read?

Paperback — my friend Eugene Thacker’s Horror of Philosophy trilogy is on my fall reading list. Nearly done with In the Dust of This Planet after gifting my first copy to a friend, but it’s so good, I might just read it again.

If you could pack up and start fresh in a brand new country, where would you go?

Colombia! My husband is from Bogotá so I’d love to visit his family & then set off in a Westfalia through South America with him. It would be a great way to learn Spanish & inevitable van repair, live minimally, and explore nature.


Your three travel essential products are:

Smith’s strawberry lip balm, Stowaway extreme lash mascara, & a tiny jar of coconut oil.

What’s your most bizarre-sounding beauty tip that you swear works?

My mom gave me this super soft washcloth, the makeup eraser. As promised, it erases mascara so easily & it’s chemical-free. Also, coconut oil replaced my lotion ages ago & it doubles as a natural sunscreen.

What does beauty mean to you?

Love this question, but I think Andy Warhol answered it perfectly for me:
‘Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.’

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