Meet Jenifer Reck Designer. Adventurer. Entrepreneur. 

We met Jenifer before Stowaway had launched to tell her about our plans for the brand. She was incredibly supportive of our vision so when we asked her to take part in our Beautiful Anywhere campaign, she was thrilled (and so were we!). Women like her inspired us to create the brand, so it’s a pleasure to introduce them to the world.



Before Brash Cat:

I spent 15 years on 5th Avenue on New York City helping the well-heeled with their style, I began creating my own pieces as a natural extension of those interests.

Specific advice or person who shaped your career?

My husband had bought me jewelry design classes as a gift before I knew I was serious about it.

You wanted to grow up to be:

An illustrator or artist.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you?

Moving out of my mom’s house and buying my first home. It gave me enormous confidence.

Favorite travel memories:

Sailing along the Amalfi Coast in Italy has such special memories. Iceland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. But lately, I’ve been enjoying road trips that bring me north.

Your beauty uniform is:

SPF, face cream, concealer, bronzer, lip treatment/moisturizer

Things you always have on hand to keep Beautiful Anywhere:

I leave the house ready for anything. At a moment’s notice, I have gone from hiking to checking out cool new restaurants or art galleries. My must-haves that I always keep on hand are hat, pashmina, SPF, eye drops, business cards, iPhone, makeup pouch (w/ my new favorite Stowaway scarlet lipstick–the perfect summer red!) and of course I’m always wearing Brash Cat Jewelry.

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