Meet Tinsel & Twine Owner Erica #WCW & Work Wednesday

“As long as you do your best and are authentic, that’s all that matters.”

She’s is not just another pretty face—she’s a business owner, a friend, a traveler, and recently became a wife (congrats!!). Erica used to work in the corporate world where she thought if she worked hard enough, was nice enough, and played by the rules, she would move up the ladder. She quickly learned that was not the case and found corporate life was not for her. She and two of her girlfriends decided to start their own company where they could be the owners of their destinies. They began an event business, Tinsel & Twine, where they jointly had the skills to design, create, organize, and make any event a dream come true for anyone, from brands to individuals. We picked her thoughts on business, beauty, love, travel, and of course what she thought on being a modern women. She inspired us and we hope she will inspire you too.

Erica loves being able to work alongside her two best friends and grow their “baby” as they begin to diversify what they do as a business. While she wouldn’t indulge in details, she mentioned something about ‘dusting off their passports for international adventures’. We can’t wait to hear more on that. After a long set-up of an event, she and her partners do what they like to call their “superman” change and consider their makeup “war-paint”. When she’s wearing red lipstick she can handle anything. We love that. When it comes to work, Erica knows how to get things done and thinks that being a modern woman means knowing how to be your own boss. Own your future!


When she’s not totally tied down with work, Erica finds traveling inspiring. She told us about an epic countrywide tour of Nicaragua she did with a company called El Camino who curates all-inclusive tours, but not in the cheesy resort sort of way. They build itineraries with meaningful experiences like fishing with locals, cultural dance classes, cooking classes, and meetings with local entrepreneurs—all with the intention of allowing the travel group to unplug. She raved the trip was a game-changer and set the bar high for her future travels. We’re intrigued and can’t wait to hear more on her adventures!

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