Karen From Makeup and Beauty Blog Reviews Stowaway & Calls Us Top Notch

Our co-founder Julie has known Karen for a good long while (back since Julie’s OG days of blogging in the early aughts). Nobody is a more discerning and knowledgeable beauty blogger than Karen so when Stowaway made it onto Karen’s radar we were naturally excited and if we are being honest just a little scared. Would she hate us? Love us? What products would she dig?

Well, she gave the line a thorough test drive and came to the conclusion that “The BB cream, concealer, cream blush, lipstick and mascara are all tiny but top-notch.” Curious about what else she liked? Hint, she really likes our concealer saying “I love the results. This stuff covers everything and doesn’t look like two tons of paste, which a rare feat for a full-coverage concealer.”  Plus how gorgeous does she look wearing only Stowaway? WOWZA.


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