Meet Elizabeth Valleu: Creative Director, Musician, Entrepreneur.

Elizabeth may have an ever-growing list of gigs on the table but, for her, success means one thing: happiness. She explains that in her ‘muggle life’, she works as a brand consultant and creative director but she is also a fine art photographer, video artist, musician, and the co-founder of an artisanal mayo company called Empire Mayonnaise.

As if that’s not enough, she recently co-directed a documentary for the UN Women partnership with Uber and went to six countries and four continents in six days! Even when a giraffe bit off a mouthful of her hair in Nairobi, she said it was totally WORTH IT. When she’s not traveling for work, you’ll find her in NYC, Morocco, Berlin, Tokyo, Beirut, or surfing in Hawaii. Is it just us, or are you also exhausted reading about the very busy life of Elizabeth? Get it girl.


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