When Was The Last Time You Finished A Lipstick?

When’s the last time you finished a lipstick? Never? Ditto. It’s a problem that can’t be unseen. Makeup works the same as food in that it expires think about that the next time you throw on a lipstick shade you’ve have in your drawer for who knows how long. It will surely give you the heebie jeebies.


Image Via AOL

But, lets face it, we’ve all held onto that special mascara, lipstick, or shadow for (way!) too long but, hey, after being charged retail prices for these beauty buys it feels like a waste to toss ’em. I mean, who can blame us? Beauty isn’t cheap.

That’s why we created Stowaway. Right-sized products designed to be finished before they expire. Our product formulas are simple, refined, and hardworking, eliminating any guesswork and offering just beautiful solutions. They are packaged in a thoughtful, minimalist, and portable way. Stowaway knows that if you’re on-the-move, your beauty products are too.

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