Meet Poorna Jagannathan: An actor, a mother, an activist #WCW

“As cliché as it sounds, you have to find that place where you are most comfortable in your own skin.”

Poorna Jagannathan: An actor, a mother, an activist

In honor of Mother’s Day this month, we wanted to introduce you to Poorna. A mother, who realizes she has a stake in the future through her son. For those times she’s not there to hold his hand, she teaches and gives quality advice to him. Her best advice? Follow your instincts and never be afraid to question authority. Sometimes you may have to bite the hand that feeds you.

We asked her to tell us what she thinks it means to be a modern woman. Her response? Embrace the natural softness of being a woman. Know when your vulnerability is a strength and when to fight and be strong. Besides all of her great advice, what we love most about this actor is her passion for turning acting into action. The activist in her loves to creatively break the silence about violence against women. We’re not sure how she finds the time (heck, trying to find time for our interview with her was tough!) but she explains that if you break things into small enough pieces, you can succeed in whatever you’re trying to do. Seriously, do you now see why we admire her?!


So, what’s next for Poorna? Currently, she promoting her film Good ‘Ol Boy (out in festivals now) and filming (and starring in) HBO’s new series, Crimes, coming out in 2016. Phew, busy lady! No wonder she has such solid advice on using makeup to reflect what’s on the inside—even when you’re too tired and exhausted to show it on the outside.

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