Meet Leah Tinari: An artist, a mother, a restaurateur #WCW


“Makeup is really powerful, it can create a whole mood.”

Like most women, Leah has a lot on her plate. As a restaurant owner, painter, illustrator, and mother, she strives from the creative energy that New York City gives off. While she is, in her own words, “cannonballing” into projects she knows that when she leaves her apartment in the morning, she needs to be prepared. In Leah’s case, the old saying rings true, she never knows what the day will bring. When she jumped into her art, she never knew if she would be successful but that never hindered her confidence.

Leah draws inspiration from her daily life—her recent art show was a collaboration she did with her six-year-old son and is currently writing her first children’s book (on shelves in early 2016!!). The same went for when she opened her NYC restaurant (now expanding and re-opening this summer!). She jumped in wholeheartedly and never let any of the difficulties of starting a business slow her down. In fact, she loves a good challenge and takes joy in proving people wrong. Her advice to us? If you’re prepared and feel good about yourself, that’s a good way to start your day. Go out and give it your all. Maybe even prove a few people wrong along the way.


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