Did You Know Most Women Feel Guilty Throwing Away Expired Makeup?

FeelGuitlyThrowingAwayMakeupThere is nothing worse than feeling like you spent a ton of money on really high end makeup only to get nowhere close to finishing it before it expired.

It turns out most of us feel really guilty about it too. Which really isn’t cool.

‘We wouldn’t eat food that has expired, but we apply makeup to our eyes, often knowing that it has passed its sell by date,’

The reasons women are hoarding old, bacteria-laden cosmetics has nearly nothing to do with consumer awareness, as 87 per cent of women admit that they know make-up has expiration dates. More than 80 per cent of those surveyed say they don’t get rid of their expired make-up because they forget, feel guilty about the money they spent on it, or they rationalize that they ‘may need it later’.

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