You Really Like Us: Alyssa O Likes Our Ease, Quality & High Standards

“I love the size, high standards, and automatic refill system. It makes looking good that much easier! There aren’t many products that are vegan and even fewer that I think are up to the quality that Stowaway products are. As soon as I tried the products I was hooked!  With other products I never was able to use them all in a reasonable time before they expired, such a waste. I really love the smell and feel of your lipsticks. I never used lipstick before because I hated the way the felt and tasted. So, I definitely need to branch out to the brighter colors you have now. Oh and I also have to rave about the mascara! I have short, thin lashes (thanks to my combination of Dutch and Korean parents) so, I’ve always had trouble with making my lashes stand out. Problem solved now!!! 


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